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  Monday, 19 May 2008
Image Iowa Precision Econoslear, Light to medium duty coil blanking systems, provide all the benefits of coil blanking......

ECONO-SLEAR--------Light to medium duty coil blanking systems


The Slear System Concept
The ability to purchase coil stock as your raw material rather than pre-cut sheet, and process it in your facility  to  suit  your  specific  requirements  gives  you  an edge both in raw material cost and material availability.
Further cost advantages are realized when purchasing high quality, automated Iowa Precision blanking equipment that can be operated and monitored by one operator.

Iowa Precision Industries, Inc. EconoSlear feature the continuous production of sheet metal blanks from coil stock to exacting sizes and tolerances.
The Slear family of systems produce blanks from coil stock including mild steel, prepainted, embossed, galvanized, tin plate, aluminum, stainless steel and other ferrous or nonferrous metals.
The EconoSlear are equipped with IPI`s electronic controls for accurate, pre-set blank length and batch quantity.
A host of  labor saving accessories such as coil  handling equipment, single  or double uncoilers, edge trimming, scrap choppers, and a variety of blank  stacking  systems make the Econo Slear the industry leader in light to medium duty coil processing systems.

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EconoSlear Specifications

. Coil Width                                                                                       
           Max:  1830mm       Min:   152mm                                                     
. Material Thickness            
           Max:  2.0mm          Min:    0.4mm              
. Staightening Section  
           6-roll powered straightener optional
. Drive   
           2-speed electric motor and gearbox   
. Line Speed   
          High:  15m/min      Lower:  7.5m/min            
. Part Tolerance  
          Length:  ±0.8mm   Slit Width:  ±0.18mm             
. Shear  
          Hydaulically actuated
. Slitter  
          Three sets of slitter knives included  
          Max:  5 slits in 2.0mm  
          Minimum slit width:  76mm  
. Hydraulic System  
          Self-contained. No compressed air required  
          Electronic providing pre-set blank sizes and batch quantity


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