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Formtek is a group of long-established companies, each with a well-known name and a history of providing innovative and reliable equipment to the metal forming and metal processing industries.

Best of Class

Formtek combines  the  “ best  of  class ”  technology &  equipment  of  its  member companies  into  integrated  manufacturing systems  that improve the  productivity of forming precision products from sheet metal.

The Formtek companies work together to design, build and service  automated metal forming and fabricating systems, which provide powerful productivity gains.Whether it a completely new equipment or an upgrade and refurbishment of exisiting machinery, a Formtek solution can be developed to meet your objectives for:

• Higher Throughput • Lower Scrap Rates
• Less Operator Involvement • Improved Product Quality
• Reduced Changeover Time • More Flexible Utilization

We specialize in systems for manufacturers involved in Roll Forming,Coil Processing, HVAC  Fabrication  and Tube & Pipe Production  and  Fabrication. We also integrate Material  Handling;  Welding / Joining  and  Press  equipment  to  provide you  with a complete  solution  from  a  single  point of responsibility.


MESTEK acquired Peterson Roll Feed Company in 1964. It was merged into Cooper-Weymouth, purchased in 1974.  Not  until  the 1990s  did our plan emerge to build a broader  base  of  technology  and products to better serve metal forming companies. That plan became the foundation for Formtek, leading to rapid growth in recent years. Today, Formtek  offers  complete solutions  for integrated production lines that lower the cost to make precision metal parts from coiled or sheet stock.


Formtek has amassed substantial design and development capability and a modern, distributed manufacturing capacity that places production work where it can be done most  efficiently. Our large  team  of  service  technicians  ensures fast response for either over-the-phone assistance or hands-on field support.Our pooled sourcing offers buying  power  that`s  important  to  controlling  costs  and  securing  availability  of purchased parts. Investment for the future relies on the financial strength of MESTEK.